Custom prototype PW or embedding Log In credentials into the URL?

Hi all, is there a way to customize the password of a pw-protected prototype?

Also, can I pass any params to URLs so we can share a URL that already the username and password?

Something like this :point_down: note the “pwd” already added to the meeting link:

Hey @adrianoreis thanks for writing! Currently you cannot customize the generated password for your prototype.

I’m not sure what you mean by your second question about setting the params of the URL for username and password, do you mean to have this information auto-generated?

Thanks for the response Shira!

Not necessarily auto-generated but for example if you have a zoom meeting that automatic gives you a random password (like anima), in the invitation URL of that meeting you can add a “?pwd=meetingpassword” (like in the image I shared earlier) to the end of the URL. I’ve seen other sites where the param is just “pw” for password instead of “pwd” like the zoom one.

This means that the person you’re sharing that link with won’t have to enter the password bc it’s already embedded in the URL.

I think that on zoom sometimes this is automated but it doesn’t have to be I’ve seen apps where you just add it manually

let me know if that makes sense

Sure, thanks for clarifying! I understand now what you’re asking, but we actually don’t have this feature at the moment.

If this is a feature you would like to see in future updates, please visit our User Voice page to see if this feature is already requested! From here, you can upvote it, or if not, add it to the list :+1: