Ensuring component vs element

Hello, I’ve just started using Anima and I’m optimistic about utilizing it for my project however I am having trouble getting consistent results when syncing designs from XD.

Sometimes my XD components are represented as components in Anima and in the code. However, there are times that my components are treated as normal elements or images. I’m not an expert in XD but I’m having a hard time figuring out what makes Anima flag sometime on my artboard as a component vs an element. Is there a particular setting or flag I need to be considering on the XD side of things to ensure consistent treatment in Anima?

Hey @JGross what kind of design effects did you add to these elements that are exporting as images? Please also make sure they’re not ‘marked for export’ in XD:
Do you have a sample XD file that you can share here and let me know which components are wrongfully exporting as images? Thanks! :pray:t3:

I haven’t added any effects, but I did have components ‘marked for export’ and I believe I’ve also noticed a difference between syncing a core component over vs an instance of a component. Overall, these few things have helped me find some more consistency in the results.

Thanks for the update! I’m glad to hear it’s working better now :rocket: