Exporting figma to html5 problema

Greetings from Brazil. when exporting a Figma project to HTML e thing is not done right. where text should be black it is coming out as whit. looking into generated code I see it declares as when it should be poppins-normal-black-33px. looking into CSS file I see:
.poppins-normal-black-33px {
color: var(–black-3);
font-family: var(–font-family-poppins);
font-size: 33px;
font-style: normal;
font-weight: 400;

Any help??

ps: anima result cab bee seeing here http://www.wisecart.com.br/testes/xml/depressao01.html

the result should br this http://www.wisecart.com.br/testes/xml/depressao.jpeg

Hi @tamandua-rj , could you, please, send us a design file with this specific page from your screenshot?

how do I do it?? I am not the one operating Figma

@tamandua-rj you can send us the link to the file with the text layer with this specific style so we could recreate the flow and check why the properties are not the same in the code.