How do I find the breakpoints code in the files?

I’ve looked in styleguide.css, in global.css, and in the individual css files for pages.
I used the Figma plugin and did the whole SHIFT-select process for 3 views (desktop, tablet, and phone). I’ve been trying this for hours, appreciate assistance.

Hey @zk12 thanks for writing! What code framework are you exporting into?

The different breakpoints should be exported into your zip file, if you’re exporting the whole project. What framework are you exporting into, HTML? React?

I’ve put in a support ticket with you already, but posted here due to the delay in response, didn’t mean to duplicate my inquiry but hoping the community could assist.

React. As I mentioned, I already checked inside styleguide.css and in global.css. I don’t see anything that resembles media queries

Actually in React we don’t create media queries for the design. So each page is served separately