How to avoid HTML sections repetition responsive wise?

Hello, I’ve been grinding this fantastic plugin and I’m happy with it overall as a Front-end developer.

But let’s say that I have a section containing :

<div class="hero-slider-main-07RRWM">
        <img class="hero-slider-img-gbabmx" src="img/groupe-de-masques-1-1x-png@1x.png" />
        <div class="hero-slider-bottom-gradient-gbabmx"></div>
        <div class="hero-slider-accroche-gbabmx">
          <div class="background-z6KziK"></div>
          <h1 class="un-espace-de-vie-unique-z6KziK">UN ESPACE DE VIE UNIQUE</h1>
        <div class="hero-slider-social-media-gbabmx">
          <img class="instagram-MF4t49" src="img/instagram-1x-png@1x.png" />
          <img class="twitter-MF4t49" src="img/twitter-1x-png@1x.png" />
          <img class="facebook-MF4t49" src="img/facebook-1x-png@1x.png" />
        <img class="logo-bahia-gbabmx" src="img/logo-bahia@1x.png" />
        <div class="scroll-down-gbabmx">
          <div class="groupe-3011-vHwujR">
            <img class="trac-53-VuqU55" src="img/trac--53@1x.png" />
            <img class="trac-54-VuqU55" src="img/trac--54@1x.png" />
            <div class="groupe-3010-VuqU55">
              <img class="trac-55-qj9Kho" src="img/trac--55@1x.png" />
              <img class="trac-56-qj9Kho" src="img/trac--56@1x.png" />

How to force anima app to adapt it with media queries instead of printing the same section 4 times for 4 devices ?

Any help ?

Hey @gcpoweruser thanks for writing and for the support! We actually don’t yet support that type of responsive code, but it’s in the pipeline. Stay tuned :smiley: :rocket: !