Onboarding Clients to use Anima in the Pipeline for Design Handoff

Hi, I’m a UI/UX Designer and I’m working with a Client who has a Developer. I wanted to know if Anima can provide assistance for designers who are in a similar setup. Or if you’re a UI/UX Designer who works with clients using Anima as well, hope you could share some tips!

Hey @charityworks thanks for reaching out and showing interest in Anima :smiley:!

Anima can definitely benefit designers working with developers, here’s an article about exporting code from Figma (let me know if you’re using a different design platform!) This will make the developer’s job much easier so they won’t have to code the front-end from scratch.

Additionally, UX/UI designers who may want to go live with their site without even touching the code can do so with Anima as well! Here’s an article explaining how :sunglasses:.

Anima also offers collaboration within and between teams. I hope this information helps, please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!