Downloading Anima html ONE TIME ONLY

I am NEVER using Adobe XD again - the export process has been a nightmare with Web Export, so I tried Anima, and it works, but I don’t want or need a whole subscription as I am never going to use XD again

They say I have run out of screens? what is that? I thought Adobe xd said Anima was a free plug in

Can anyone advise? I was told by a bot I could sign up for a free Figma which makes no sense to me as how it relates to Anima?

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Hello Cate!

Thanks for your message!
I have replied to you via Intercom.

Apologies for any misunderstanding that might have happened, I will do my best to clarify!
Anima is a plugin that you can use in conjunction with Adobe XD in order to convert your design into code.

Adobe XD is free. However, Anima (while we do offer a limited free plan) needs a Pro subcription if you would like to export code with it.

Yes, you can sign up for a free Anima plan in order to use it with Figma (or Adobe XD). However, if you do need to export the code, you will need a Pro subscription.

Hopefully this clarifies and clears all your doubts. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day! :slight_smile: