Opening Anima in Sketch Stalls

I have a Sketch file with an animation on the artboard.

After making some changes to the layers within the artboard, I try to edit the animation, and the program stalls, eventually leading to an “out of memory” message. So, I have to force-quit and restart everything.

I’ve deleted the animation in order to redo it. The same thing happens, even after deleting, saving, closing Sketch, restarting my machine and reopening the file.

Any recommendations?

Hello Gheck!

Thanks a lot for your message!
In this case, the issue could be caused to due to several potential factors.
My suggestions are:

  1. Make sure you only have Sketch opened and close everything else (you want to keep your memory resources allocated only to Sketch)
  2. Is your sketch file very heavy? (if it contains heavy images or similar media, make sure to compress it and upload it again. This should make it lighter and easier to run)
    3.Make sure that you have Anima’s and Sketch’s latest plugin installed.

Thank you and let us know what happens after trying out these suggestions!

Hey Andres, thank you for your reply.

Sketch is the only thing open of any size.

I can open the animation for a previous version of the Sketch file with similar “weight”. However, there were numerous changes between the files, and I would like to avoid recreating those.

Are there bug fixes in the latest versions that would address this? We are currently on 4.4.2, and according to Sketch, the latest is 4.4.5.

I can also add that I am comfortable directly editing the JSON in the file. I have previously edited files like this to clean up old Anima data that was causing problems. However, I haven’t been successful with editing this time around.

So, if you have recommendation along those lines, I can perform those procedures. I would like to completely wipe the animation for the artboard while leaving another animation for another layer in place.

Are there any logs some place that I can check to find out what is going on?

Nothing else? No other recommendations?

I think I figured out what was going on. Apparently, an empty symbol will cause this. If I run into this issue even after my fix, I’ll reply again here.

Hello Gheck,

I apologize profusely about the long delay in answering, things can get a bit hectic around here but it is my responsability to answer you and for that I apologize!

I am glad you were able to find what was causing the issue. Also, many times, unused layers, symbols or excessive groups can cause some issues as well. I am attaching a short guide (even though is written for Figma it applies the same for Sketch and XD) in case this can be helpful if you run with this again: Best Figma Design Practices | Anima Help Center

Thanks for the patience and apologies again