Unable to edit or create new animation. “Object-exception occurred” error

I have been using Anima’s sketch plugin to make prototypes for our app. Recently, when I try to edit existing animations or create new ones, I got a message stating that there’s an error relating to “layer metadata” and an “Obj-c exception occurred”.

As a result of this error, I cannot edit any existing animation. Do the community has any suggestions as to how to resolve this error?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Horace . Thanks for reaching out. Is it the message from Sketch or Anima? Did you use Anima plugin to create animations? Please, share the screenshot of the error message and a Sketch file as well. Meanwhile, you can make sure that you used the latest versions of Sketch and Anima plugin.

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Thanks for the replay. It was a Sketch error and turns out I wasn’t running the latest sketch (I accidentally ran it out of download folder and application folder. It turns out sketch can’t do auto upgrade if it is not in application folder) and the upgrade does fix all issues.

Hi @Horace! Thanks for the update. If you have issues, please, make sure that you updated the Sketch and Anima plugin version to the latest ones. If it doesn’t help, let us know here.

Hi Jenya, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, my Sketch had been up to date (Version 97 (173164)), as was my plug-in (4.5.0), when I encounter the issue.

Hi @Horace, please use the previous Sketch version (not the latest one) and let me know if you have this issue.

I’m having the same issue. Both Sketch and Anima are up to date. I tried older versions of Sketch with same result.

Version 80 at least. These worked fine before.

Hello @DarrellT

Thank you very much for the patience and apologies for the delay!
Hello @bbickle ,

Thank you very much for your message and apologies for the delay!
So, we are currently supporting up to Sketch version 96.3 and we don’t have an ETA on when we’ll support latest version. However, we will keep you updated on this!

Thank you!

I’m not using the latest version. I’m on 82.1