Stack don't work with sketch 96.1

Do you know if Anima is fixing the Stacks bug that no longer works with sketch 96.1?

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Hi @josianne , thanks for reaching out. Could you, please, attach the screenshots of the issue here or send a link to the screen recording?

Hi @josianne, we’ve fixed the issue with stacks. There is no need in sending the screenshots. Thank you!

Yeah, not so much in version Version 97.1 (173306)

Used to, when I duplicated an object anima would push it down and stack it automatically. That has been broken since this latest update that Sketch employed.

Hello @bbickle ,

Thank you very much for your message and apologies for the delay!
So, we are currently supporting up to Sketch version 96.3 and we don’t have an ETA on when we’ll support latest version. However, we will keep you updated on this!

Thank you!

Is Sketch being abandoned by Anima?

Hey! The Sketch plugin should still work with Sketch up to version 96.3. But we no longer offer support or maintenance for this plugin, sorry about that!