"Resolve" button doesn't work on comments/feedback

Hi there,

When leaving comments for me, my client is unable to clear completed tasks when clicking the “Resolve” link. Basically nothing happens when its clicked on. There are many tasks that have been completed and we need to remove. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Hey @Toby thanks for writing. If you click ‘resolve’ and then reload the page, the comment should be gone. Let me know if this works! Thanks

Hi Shira! This works for me, but not for the person who is leaving feedback. Could it be something to do with Permissions?

You should both be able to resolve comments…what role do each of you have in the team?

What happens when your teammate clicks ‘resolve’ and reloads the page? Nothing changes?

When I click “resolve” on a comment and re-load the page, it works, but when my client does the same, the comment stays. I am the Owner of the project, they are listed under “Team Member”.

Got it. Thanks for flagging that to us, I’ll have my team investigate this issue and hopefully resolve it shortly! :ok_hand:t3:

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Hi Shira,

Just wondering if you’d heard anything back about this. I’m keen to send a project to a client but would like to see if I can resolve this issue beforehand if possible.



Hey @Toby, thanks for checking in. My team has been made aware of this issue, but it has not yet been resolved. I’ll keep you posted, but hopefully it should still be okay to share with your client in the meantime :pray:t3:

hey @Toby How are you?

Sorry it took some time, but I wanted to update you that the ‘resolve’ issue should be resolved :wink: Let me know if you have any other questions moving forward! Thanks :pray:t3: