Background blur on Firefox

Hello :slight_smile:
I just noticed that the background blur effect does not work on Firefox.
Do you know a trick or a fix to solve the problem?

Hey @Bahom, is it working in other web browsers like Chrome and Safari? It should be working the same in Firefox. Would you mind sharing a simple design with me using background blur where you’re experiencing this issue? Thank you! :pray:t3:

Yes on Chrome or Safari no problem.
You can see the problem on the header of this project :
Thanks !

I see what you mean! Would you mind sending me this, or a similar design file using the blur effect that I can test this out with? Thanks

Sorry I can’t have 2 projects at the moment, I’m in free plan.
But to test this, just put a background blur on a rectangle and we see that it does not work on Firefox.

Actually I just updated my Firefox to the latest version and now the background blur works, give it a try and let me know! Thanks :tada:

Yes ! Indeed, I just updated it and it’s good on my side too :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot !

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