Connecting Anima to Backend

I have a full figma design and a full solidity back-end. I would like to use anima to connect the two, but need help in figuring out how to use this platform to make that connection.

Any advice?

Hey @adamleap02 thanks for reaching out! As a Pro user you can export your (frontend) code package from Anima and then connect it to your backend in your own server. I hope that helps!

That is very helpful. Thank you!

@Shira Do you know if that would be the similar to ‘copying code to your IDE’ and/or is there any ways to ADD code through your IDE? Or would we test it with the ‘copy code to your IDE feature’ and then export the full project independently before adding?

If you need individual components you can copy it from the code, but best advise would be to export the full project, unpack the zip file and then take the full code package from there and insert it into your IDE :muscle:t2: