Did Anima has been accepted Security ISO/IEC 27017 etc?

Hi Teams.

I’d like to know Anima is already accepted by one of security compliant?

・SOC2/SOC2+ ・ISO/IEC 27017 ・FedRAMP ・CSA Security
・Star Audit ・ ISMAP

I need to confirm to use Anima at my company.

Hey @Allen, thanks for reaching out! We’re in the process of getting approved for SOC2 :slight_smile: Hope that helps!

Hi Shira, thank you for your checking it out. That means it’s still in progress and if so, I need to ask you to fill security check info docs out.
Please let me know if my understanding is incorrect.

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Here’s our Terms of Service, hope that helps.

Hi Shira, Thank you for your shareing the info.
In addidion to check that info, we need to ask you to check our original security sheet.
Is it possible for us to send your team to fill it out ?

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Hey @Allen we only provide custom documents to our enterprise users, so I hope what we’ve sent you is sufficient. Thank you!

Hi Shira, Thank you for your sharing information.
Also, my apologies if I change the subject but additionally, I want to ask about security.
Do you already done the security check about these four items as follows?

- Passwords are not saved in an undecrypted format(encrypted, hashed)
- Password-setting rules are set appropriately to ensure that no weak passwords are set
- The access logs are continuously stored for a fixed period (6 months or more?)
- Mechanisms to detect and remove computer viruses are installed

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Hi Shira, sorry again and many question.

Do you have also already done these item checking?

  • When a security incident has occurred at TCRDL, the access logs can be provided to TCRDL
  • When scheduled maintenance, patching, etc. is performed,
    TCRDL will be notified in advance

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Hey @Allen any security questions you have should be addressed in the Terms of Service I sent you previously. Unfortunately we cannot check the additional clauses you sent if they are not already included.

Hy Shira,

Thank you for your reply and got it.
I`ll talk to my company ppl.

I appreciate your helpful comments and info.

Best Wishes

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