How to load page at the bottom

hello, let me first say; please help me:) I need to make a web page that loads on the bottom, so that you can scroll up, instead of down. i know how to do that in figma but if i open anima it does not seem to work. i do it in figma by making the page and then putting it as an asset in a carousel. With clipping and overflow scrolling. if i change the direction it works in anima. but that is of no use to me:(

is there maybe another way of getting the pages to load on the bottom in anima or in figma??? im open to any suggestions.

Hey @s02voynich do you have a sample Figma file you can share here and explain with it what exactly you’re trying to do? If you’re attempting to add a carousel, we are not yet fully supporting interactive components, so this won’t work. But perhaps we can find a workaround if you show me with an example what exactly you’re trying to do :slight_smile: Thanks!