I cannot run the plugin from Figma

I have made numerous attempts to use the plugin within Figma. I select the Frame I want to have rendered to code and run the plugin, but nothing happens in the plugin popup as shown in YT videos.

The animation loop repeats for 5min, 10 min, 30min. I have tried re-installing it. I have logged out of Figma and logged back in. Nothing changes.

Hello Kai,

Thanks a lot for your message and we are very sorry to hear about this issue with our plugin!
May you please try:

  1. Making sure Anima and Figma are updated to their latest versions
  2. Log out of Anima
  3. Delete your browser’s cache
  4. Log into Anima and test again.

Let me know if, after following these steps, the problem continues. We will be here to keep helping you