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I’d like to clear thing. I’m on trial and try to figure out if Anima can be workaround for my task. I have dozens of slides in Figma and want to export it on my own website.
Preview in Figma has “right-left” navigation between slides.

I exported slides to Anima and preview works pretty the same - it has navigation between slides.

Then I choose publish with “Show navigation buttons” turned on - and there is no navigation available on published link. It only shows random “main” slide and nothing more.

Is it feature and I missed something? Or it is a bug…

Hello @antonsilenin

Thanks a lot for your message!
I see!
Just so we can take a closer look at your issue, may you please share to our email (

  1. Your figma file
  2. A short loom video showing how the previewed and published project looks from your side

That will help us troubleshoot your issues more efficiently. Thank you very much!

Dear Andres
I got reply from your colleague Leonardo yesterday in help chat. His conclusion was that Anima deprecated that feature and it doesn’t work anymore.
Workaround is to create links in Figma project so it could be exported to Anima. I’m in progress of that way

Thank you for reply
I sent link to this topic to Leonardo. I thought he will reply here publicly

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Oh I see!

Thank you very much for the information. I understand.
Yes, you are in great hands with Leonardo!

In any case, thank you again for your message and I hope you have a very nice day!