React code: "npm start" hanging

I’m testing my first Figma->Anima project and have exported the full project code. In VS Code, I’ve run “npm install” (no errors) and then “npm start”. Parcel starts but hangs on building, e.g. “Building getCompositeRect.js…”. I’ve restarted the terminal multiple times, and parcel hangs on different components each time. I’ve tried deleting the .parcel-cache folder and still same issue.




P.S. Dev environment on Windows 10:
nodejs 16.16.0
react 18.2.0

Hey @thegeographer thanks for writing! Since you are a Pro user, I will email you in private to follow up and help you sort out this issue :muscle:t2:

Any news? Still haven’t heard back on a fix.

Hey @thegeographer sorry about that! Wrote to you via email as well, it should work if you just wait 65 seconds, as seen in screenshot: