Support for SolidJS?


My company is actively investigating frameworks and design conversion tooling. I was wondering if Anima could support SolidJS? It’s a JSX-based framework with an output extremely similar to React’s. Support would likely be relatively straightforward given how similar they are.

Does Anima publish its tooling in an OSS manner? As a developer I wouldn’t mind looking into adapting or evolving the conversion utility to broaden the framework support.

Solid would be a great addition because it’s like the easiest to support and it’s growing as an option for frameworks very quickly.



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Hello David!

Thanks a lot for your questions.

Regarding SolidJS, we are not currently supporting it but we might in the future if the request for it is high enough from the Users. Unfortunately, we also dont offer our Anima plugin as an OSS.

I will, however, let our developers know about your feedback and perhaps they might look into expanding to this framework in the near future, if that is the case I will keep you updated!

Thanks a lot and hope you have a great day! :slight_smile:

Hi Andres,

That seems reasonable. I’m actually a SolidJS core team member and personally have a use for it, hence why I asked. I will mention that Solid uses JSX and a similar hook-like pattern to React. Porting and supporting it should be relatively easy given the similarities.

Either way I certainly understand the reasoning to find a market for a product as maintenance is tricky to manage. If there’s anything I can support from the Solid team’s end in advice/guidance, please feel free to reach out.

Kindest regards,

David D. (davedbase)

Thanks so much David for your detailed feedback on what could be a great a framework addition to Anima and especially for offering support to our Dev team. We really really appreciate this and Im going to show them this message so they know they can talk to you if there is any guidance needed!

Thanks a lot, Users like you keep Anima growing so I want to emphasise my gratitude!

Have a great day!