Importing from Figma is taking very long

Hi, I’m trying out the Team version of anima. I’m importing a Figma project, using the anima plugin in the Figma app. It currently says “Processing frame 91 of 264.” The import has been going on for the last 20 hours. Btw, I’m not sure where 264 comes from. I don’t have 264 wireframes in Figma. Anyway, is there a faster way to import? Is it better to upload the file in anima?

Also, I think the process stops if I’m not using my computer. I left it on all night, hoping it will be done by morning, but little progress was made.

What’s the best way to proceed? Thanks!

Hey @ssaran! I’m sorry to hear that you are facing some difficulties with syncing the file. I guess you see 264 wireframes at the bottom of the plugin because you have components or/and linked pages. Please, try to sync the file by splitting up frames and syncing them in portions. Make sure your pictures/vectors are not too heavy and you use Anima hovers instead of Figma native ones.